I have always used some medium to create art. At the age of 5, I started drawing and remember loving the process, by the age of 10 did my first self-portrait using pencils.

As I got older I started using watercolour, acrylic and oil paints. My grandfather was an artist. I remember going to the back room which was his studio and it was my happy place, I felt at home.

My uncle had a passion for photography. I remember his black and white images hanging on the corridor walls of my grandfather’s house. I was intrigued and looked at them in wonder every time I went to visit him. At one time I wanted to paint flowers in an abstract way and Georgia O’Keefe was my inspiration so I decided instead of using other peoples images as a reference, I would use my own.

I bought myself a camera and this started my love affair with photography. I love being part of the process and I am honoured to be in someone’s space who is allowing me to capture their emotions and moment.

Tertia Van Rensburg